PPC Marketing Tips

Market Your Site Using Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter

  • Below is a free sample of free internet marketing videos focused on PPC advertising. I have a more extensive collection on my YouTube profile, which you can subscribe to in order to get notified when I create new videos.
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Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising

This 9 minute and 37 second video teaches you...

  • what ad networks are worth buying as a new advertiser
  • the types of keywords that convert well
  • how to track conversions
  • bid tips
  • and more...

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Competitive Research Tools

This 6 minute and 25 second video...

  • introduces many free and paid publicly available competitive research tools
  • teaches strategy and gives you free tips to get the most out of those tools
  • and more...

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  • PPC ad networks:
    • Google AdWords - the largest keyword driven ad network
    • Microsoft AdCenter - limited reach when compared against Google, but generally less adcompetition, cleaner traffic, and best ad prices
  • videos:
  • PPC Tools - free and paid tools to help you better advertise your website on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

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