Optimizing Website Architecture For Search

Learn How to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website

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Choosing a Domain Name

This 2 minute and 58 second video discusses how domain names play a role in your search engine optimization strategy, including...

  • how domain names influence anchor text
  • how domain names influence perceived relevancy, authority, and credibility
  • strategies to ensure you have one of the best names for your project strategy and given budget
  • and more...

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  • The Domain Name Market - a subscriber only training module with about 20 pages of cutting edge domain name related marketing tips, tricks, and strategies

Internal Architecture

This 9 minute and 39 second video discusses how to optimize your site structure, including...

  • how to drive conversions by placing active calls to action inside the body content
  • how to link internally for optimal distribution of PageRank and link authority
  • how to avoid wasting link equity on low information pages, duplicate content, and other obvious traps
  • and more...

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Google Date Based Filters

This 4 minute and 5 second video explains how to take advantage of Google's advanced search filters to search by date to find...

  • how your site is getting indexed
  • which websites are mentioning your website
  • why they are mentioning your website
  • how ideas are spreading
  • and more...

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Why You Should Start a Blog Today

This 7 minute and 31 second video explains...

  • why blogs are so powerful
  • how blogs provide market feedback to your business
  • how you can use blogs to market your website
  • and more...

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How Ads Can Kill Websites

This 6 minute and 5 second video explains how many webmasters sell themselves short by plastering ads all over their websites, rendering their websites both unremarkable and unusable.

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  • Website monetization - tips on how to make money from your website without polluting it beyond repair.

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